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Welcome Anglers to Costa Rica fishing at it finest. We offer Costa Rica fishing vacations to the OSA Peninsula in the southern region of Costa Rica. Please enjoy the website and when you are ready to reserve your fine Costa Rica sport fishing vacation Captain Mark is always available to serve you. Thanks for visiting!!

Costa Rica Fishing

Costa Rica Sportsman Update

Another season is about to start at Costa Rica fishing with Captain Mark Corn. After 15 years of sports fishing in South Florida and the Bahamas, Mark moved to Costa Rica in 1992, and has been sportsfishing in the Osa Peninsula for the past 22 years. Captain Mark Corn is the former founder of Costa Rica fishing charter OSA Sportfishing and current founder of Costa Rica Sportsman. Mark is exactly the man you need on a Costa Rica fishing trip - he is experienced, skillful, and an extremely qualified team leader. With him on board you’ll be guaranteed to have successful catches and a great time!

Mark has recently opened a beautiful hotel, Cabinas Tropicales, where he lives with his son Lee who just turned 9 this January. Mark knows just about anything you would want to know when visiting Puerto Jimenez - tour guides, taxi drivers, places to go, and what to see and do. You won't have to worry about anything when you book a fishing tour with Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing! You will stay at Cabinas Tropicales if you choose the Standard Sportfishing Package.

Mark offers several different choices in Costa Rica Fishing packages and boats, ranging from $800/day for open fisherman boats to up to $2200/ day on a 51' Sportsfisher. The packages include the boat, food, drinks, fishing licenses, fuel, etc. You can also decide to do an all-inclusive travel package including eco-tours, lodging, and fishing. Prices vary depending on the number of days, tours and the quality of the hotel you choose. With the flexibility in price, and the expertise of Captain Mark Corn, you will be sure to have the Costa Rican Sports Fishing experience of your life!

Costa Rica Fishing Boats in Puerto Jimenez

Fish on one of several awesome sportfishing boats, which offer all the luxuries to make your trip comfortable. The Costa Rican fishing boats are modern and include all the best up to date electronics, and fishing and safety gear.

And best of all - Mark will accompany you on your fishing trips and he will pass on his fishing knowledge to you! You will learn the best and most modern sport fishing techniques, which aim at putting as little stress as possible on the fish, while still offering you an amazing sportfishing experience.

Below you’ll find a list of the Costa Rica Fishing Boats in Puerto Jimenez. All boats come with crew, full lunch, beers, soft drinks, fruit, fishing licence, cleaning of fish, and more.

Costa Rica Fishing Boat Types:

  • 37 feet, Harris. Twin cummins cruise with 24 knots. Equipped with full electronics and top of the line gear. Costs -$1600 per day up to 6 people (max).
  • 31 feet, black-fin twin cummins super boat, top of the line gear and full electronics. Costs - $1500 per day. 5 people (max).
  • 27 feet, Phoenix single diesel, top of the line gear and full electronics. Costs - $1000 per day  4 person (max).
  • 26 feet, costal twin 150 outboards enclosed head, top of the line gear and full electronics. Costs - $1000 per day 4 persons (max).
  • 22 feet Panga new 150 outboard riggers, top of the line gear and full electronics.. Costs - $750 per day. 3 people (max).

Click here to see some pictures of our boats.

OSA Fishing, Costa Rica Charter Fishing

Costa Rica deep sea fishing record

We are located in southern Costa Rica on the OSA Peninsula which offers the best of both worlds when it comes to Costa Rica charter fishing. For offshore sport fishing charters we need only run a couple to roughly 30 miles offshore for the best big game fishing the Pacific has to offer.

For anglers that want to fish a bit closer to home then we go charter fishing inshore for species like roosterfish, grouper, snapper, and other exotic species in the Golfo Dulce where Captain Mark Corn caught a record Colorado Snapper that weighed in at a tremendous 24 pounds 8 ounces.

Marlin Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica marlin fishing
Costa Rica sport fishing offers anglers a multitude of exciting species to target but pictured above is a blue marlin and that's what Costa Rica fishing is all about.

Marlin fishing in Costa Rica is in a class all by itself. Costa Rica marlin fishing charters also attracts a special class of angler that thrives on the thrill of the hunt for this magnificent billfish. The anticipation of the knock down, and then the hook-up is when the heart and adrenaline start pumping. Now you're ready to test your fighting skills against this awesome billfish, the Pacific blue marlin. The challenge is to get him to the boat before he jumps, shakes, or flips his way to freedom. Are you up to the challenge?

Costa Rica charter fishing also means sport fishing trips for yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, colorful dorado, and many other species all of which make for some great Costa Rica sport fishing but it's Costa Rica blue marlin fishing that most fishing enthusiasts want to talk about and experience. Plus a successful battle with a powerful blue marlin, the true fish gladiator of the deep make for the best vacation pictures and fish stories to carry back home.
Costa Rica Marlin Fishing

New - Overnight Marlin fishing trip to the 60-mile hump


The overnight marlin fishing trip is for a maximum of four people. This trip is excellent for hardcore anglers who want a trip of a lifetime...

Double hook ups on marlin are very common. You will also fish for big squid at night and big sharks around the hump. Large yellow fin tuna come out around dusk. We guarantee you have never seen anything like this fishery ever... contact Capt. Mark for details on pricing.

Costa Rica marlin fishing news NEWS:

Charter Captain Mark Corn recently located three brand new HOT marlin fishing areas. On a recent Costa Rica charter fishing trip Captain Mark found marlin and experienced an unusually high amount of hookups in a previously rarely fished region off the Costa Rica coast. Will these new hot spots continue to produce?
So far that has been the case.

**NOTE: Captain Mark Corn offers something not many Costa Rica fishing charter Captains will offer. He actually shares his many sport fishing skills with you, teaches you, and then lets you feel the thrill of hooking your own fish. This way you are immersed in the action so you can experience the full thrill of a Costa Rica sport fishing trip.

Cabinas Tropicales

Mark opened up this beautiful new hotel in the heart of Puerto Jimenez in July 2011. Cabinas Tropicales developed into an up-and-coming travelers paradise in the heart of Puerto Jimenez.

Cabinas Tropicales You will stay at Cabinas Tropicales when booking a Standard Sport Fishing Package through Costa Rica Fishing.

At Cabinas Tropicales you can relax in the tropical garden, watch hummingbirds feed and scarlet macaws fly by, cook your own meals in the well equipped kitchen, have a bbq, get a free massage in the outdoor jacuzzi, keep in touch with friends and family by using the free wifi, and just have a wonderful sleep in one of the six beautiful rooms.

Mark lives on the Cabinas grounds himself with his son Lee, and so he is available around the clock should you have any questions. He'll help you to book a tour or find any other activities in and around town! Mark also works constantly on improving the hotel and making it even more comfortable for his guests.

Click here for more info on Cabinas Tropicales.

Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Packages

  1. Standard Sportfishing Package
  2. Eco Sportfishing Package
  3. Private Deluxe Sportfishing Package

Costa Rica Fishing 2012 - 2013

Costa Rica fishing trips and vacations

All Inclusive Fishing Package Special For 2012 - 2013

All inclusive package: Starting at $2000 pp double occupancy. 5days/4 nights/3 days fishing/ based on 4 people.


1. Transfer to sleep inn downtown San Jose.
2. Transfer to local airport fly to Jimenez, fish inshore, standard accommodation in Cabinas Tropicales.
3. Fish full day offshore 7am to 4pm, standard accommodation in Cabinas Tropicales.
4. Same as day 3, fish full day offshore 7am to 4pm, standard accommodation in Cabinas Tropicales.
5. Transfer to airport fly back to SJ and transfer to international airport for your flight back home.

The boat is a 26' Pursuit. - Can be up graded to boats 31ft to 37ft sport fishers with twin diesels and fully loaded. Everything included food, drinks, local beer & liquor, transfers, hotels, 3 days fishing.

Call Captain Mark for Info on These Packages - 011 506 8997 1445 or 011 506 2735 5298

Quick Get Away Package For only $1050 pp

Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Itinerary:
Day 1: Transfer to sleep inn downtown San Jose.
Day 2: Transfer to local airport fly to Jimenez, fish full day, standard accommodation in Cabinas Tropicales.
Day 3: Fish full day offshore 7am to 4pm, standard accommodation in Cabinas Tropicales.
Day 4: Transfer to airport fly back to San Jose and transfer to international airport for your flight back home.

Boat: 28ft pursuit, diesel, fully loaded, up to 4 anglers. can upgrade to larger boats 31ft to 37ft. You are responsible for food, drinks, tips for crew.

Call Captain Mark for Info on These Packages - 011 506 8997 1445 or 011 506 2735 5298

See the entire Pacific Coast of Costa Rica - Vacation Package

This package comes with your own English speaking tour guide and transportation in a new 13 passenger Toyoto tour van. You will start in San Jose, go to the hot springs at Lake Arenal, do a zip line canopy tour, and visit the La Paz waterfall. You’ll spend one night at a nice hotel in Dominical beach and see some crocodiles at the river. After that you’ll make your way to Puerto Jimenez, do some fishing, and return to San Jose. This package is good for families and couples. You’re guaranteed to see the most beautiful and popular spots in Costa Rica while having lots of fun....

Call Captain Mark for Info on Pricing of this Package - 011 506 8997 1445 or 011 506 2735 5298

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Packages

Costa Rica sport fishing trips & vacation packages
Our Costa Rica sport fishing trips offer awesome accomodations like this where you are nestled in the rain forest and perched over the Pacific Ocean.

We offer 3 spectacular Costa Rica sport fishing vacation packages that are sure to impress you. Choose the package that best fits your personality and enjoy an awesome tropical setting where civilization with modern luxuries collide with the raw nature and wildlife of the rain forest. Combine Costa Rica sport fishing, known as some of the best in the world with the natural beauty of the rain forest and you have a recipe for a fishing vacation in paradise.

Costa Rica Fishing Vacations

  1. Standard Sportfishing Package
  2. Eco Sportfishing Package
  3. Private Deluxe Sportfishing Package

Costa Rica Vacations for the Family

Yes it's true that Costa Rica sport-fishing is the major draw for most travelers to the region, but there is OH SO much more to experience in and around Puerto Jimenez and Corcovado National Park!


One of the most popular attractions is a “Canopy Zip Lining Tour” - you can experience the jungle by flying over it on secure cables. Mark can book a zip lining tour for you - and you will pay just as much or less than booking through an agent in town.

Another famous tourist activity is hiking Corcovado national park - one of the most biologically diverse and beautiful rain-forests in Central America! Over 350 species of birds, 115 species of reptiles and 750 species of trees can be found in this national park. Puerto Jimenez is the jump-off point for hundreds of tourists that want to visit the famous national park.

Other activities you may be interested in are bird-watching (Mark knows the best and most knowledgeable guides in town), snorkeling and scuba diving, tree climbing, horseback riding, and dolphin and whale watching tours. Just ask Mark during your booking process what you’d like to do and he’ll help you have the Costa Rica fishing and travel experience of your life time!

Costa Rica Tours & Activities Include:

  • Offshore sport fishing charters
  • Inshore sport fishing charters
  • Dolphin and Whale watching tours
  • Sailing, Surfing, and Kayaking
  • Snorkeling and Scuba diving
  • Canopy Repelling, Zipline Tour
  • Hiking and tree climbing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Bird watching
  • More Costa Rica Tours & Activities Information

Deluxe Costa Rica Accomodations

At Costa Rica Sportsman we offer you world class sportfishing vacation packages that you can customize to fit your own tastes and needs. You get to choose from three great packages that offer offshore Costa Rica charter fishing or fishing inshore in the Golfo Dulce. Take your pick of three different quality lodges for accommodations.

Our Most Popular Costa Rica Fishing Package

Costa Rica Deluxe Private Fishing Vacation

Try our most popular package, the Private Package Deluxe that is perfect for couples or families. Enjoy the daily Costa Rica off shore charter fishing adventures after which you come home to your own private house tucked into the seclusion of the Costa Rica rain forest. You get served breakfast, lunch served on the boat, and for dinner your own personal maid will cook your days catch how you like it.

Costa Rica Whitefaced MonkeyExperience tropical living to the extreme where you can watch exotic species of animals like the cute White Faced Monkeys and the colorful explosion of the wild MacCaws that occupy the trees just outside your own Costa Rica home. And although you are tucked away in the Costa Rican rain forest this Deluxe Costa Rica Sport Fishing Package offers all the modern luxuries of home but in your own private tropical paradise!
Deluxe Costa Rica Fishing Packages

Costa Rica Contact Information:

Costa Rica charter boat Captain Mark Corn

Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing with Captain Mark Corn
For OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica Sport Fishing Charters & Vacations.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing

OSA Peninsula in Costa Rica - OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica

Contact Captain Mark Corn - Phone: 011 506 2735 5298
Email Captain Mark Corn - Email: Costa Rica Sport Fishing

Costa Rica Sport Fishing
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Costa Rica fishing reports

Fishing Reports

Captain Mark will be updating his Costa Rica fishing reports on a regular basis and you may read about all the exciting fish he is catching.

Costa Rica customer testamonials

Captain Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for the most spectacular charter fishing trip I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy in my entire life. First time I've ever been out of the USA but you made me feel right at home. I must admit even though you said I would catch big fish I was skeptical but you were right and I never dreamed I would... MORE...

Capt. Mark,

WOW, what a week! My wife and I are already looking forward to next year. We thorouhly enjoyed ourselves and the kids will head back to school with plenty of stories to tell their class mates. I was so proud to see my son crank that sailfish in that I have already shown the pictures to as many...   MORE...

When you are ready to reserve your fishing vacation you may follow this link directly to our reservation form.
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